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iBrand @ University of Sunderland


23rd July 2021


Online Via Zoom

About this workshop

We have designed an action packed week for you, offering two days of workshops developing the narrative content for your brand and engaging with platforms to keep your digital presence fresh. Our second set of workshops aids you develop the practical skills to shoot your own video.. with a professional touch and tips and techniques to support a strong media presence. Our final day looks at security of yourself and your content from the pespectives of IPR (Intellectual Property rights) and cyber security. we finish with a ‘howtodo’ session on Websites and their content.

The Workshops


You can register for the whole event or for single half day sessions.


Workshop Schedule

  • Monday AM – iBrand the Concept
  • Monday PM – Making Content Real
  • Tuesday AM – Storytelling and Brand Narrative
  • Tuesday PM – Platform Analytics and Evaluation
  • Wednesday AM – Shoot Edit Share – Design Your Video
  • Wednesday PM – Shoot Edit Share – Practical Session
  • Thursday AM – Shoot Edit Share – Shoot Your Film
  • Thursday PM – Shoot Edit Share – Editing and Publishing
  • Friday AM – IPR – The Law Your Intellectual Property and the Digital World
  • Friday AM – Cyber Security Protect Your Brand, Protect your Business
  • Friday PM – Websites, WordPress and Website Content

Session 3 – Using Social Media Data for Impactful Communications

Date: Thursday 18th November
Time: 2-6pm
Duration: 4 hours

This session is led by:

  • Dr Wasim Ahmed, Lecturer in Digital Business
  • Dr Marc Smith, Sociologist and Director of the Social Media Research Foundation

The need for organisations to gain insights into social media has grown significantly with the popularity of social networking websites including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. As people increasingly participate in online communities for social, commercial, and civic interaction, masses of data are being generated which can be utilised for commercial insights, and new methods are needed to study these phenomena. This session focuses on using tools to give data-driven marketers access to powerful social media analysis features including influencer identification, brand evaluation, social listening, content analysis, ideation, lead harvesting, competitor social and campaign analysis, automation, white-labeling, and more. The session will specifically look at accessible tools (such as Microsoft Power BI and NodeXL Proto) that support analysis and visualisation.

Key elements of the workshop include:

  • Installing and using relevant tools and platforms
  • Data preparation and cleaning methods
  • Data about relationships, entities, and groups
  • Content analysis, network structures and data visualisation to support decision making

Key Outcomes:

  • Appreciate the increasing use of social media data across commercial organisations
  • Understand key tools for influencer identification, brand evaluation, and social listening
  • Learn theories and concepts of networks and social networks
  • Learn to prepare your data for analysis and identify key people and groups on social networks

Session 4 – Realising value: making the case for investment in a business data

Date: Thursday 25th November
Time: am (exact time TBC)
Duration: 2 hours

This session is led by:

  • Dr Rebecca Casey, Lecturer in Information Systems Management

Information Technology (IT) can be a critical enabler of competitive advantage in a business. These are business issues, which must be owned by business leaders. Unfortunately, many individuals and organisations can struggle to realise the strategic potential of IT. Leaders of IT-enabled change and transformation need a broader range of skills than expertise with mobile and social technologies.

The goal of the workshop is to provide insights into the issues and opportunities of delivering value from IT as well as to help develop expertise in using a range of practical tools to enable individuals to make a difference to their business.

Key elements of the workshop include:

  • The challenges and opportunities associated with delivering value from IT.
  • A benefits framework for planning projects.
  • Harvesting the benefits from investments in IT-enabled change.
  • Building dynamic capabilities.

Key Outcomes:

  • Relate a benefits-driven framework to realising the strategic potential of Information Technology in order to deliver value.
  • Equip participants with the skills and ability to play an effective role in enabling their organisations to succeed in realising the strategic potential of IT.

Session 5 – Unpacking the Value of Business Data

Date/Time: Friday 3rd December
Time: 2-5pm
Duration: 3 hours

This final session, with Jonathan, Rebecca, Wasim and Mark, allows us to reflect on the previous sessions, evaluate the outcomes of the programme and how the learning and knowledge can be applied. The focus in this session is to share how what you have learned can lead to useful outcomes for your business and practice. We will also share information about what support is available elsewhere through Creative Fuse North East and other programmes in the region. This session also gives us a chance to ask you about the experience and support – how did it go?