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Get On And Innovate


Starting June 2021


Online Via Zoom

About this workshop

The programme is centred on contextualising your idea: this means understanding the value of your idea in the context of your business and your social, cultural, political and economic environment.

Our innovation experts will help you do this:

  • We will collaboratively develop a framework to support you in making key decisions about your developing enterprise.
  • This will allow you to understand how to make decisions with greater clarity, being mindful of those various contextual factors.
  • The framework we co-create will not only help to develop your current idea now, but also equip you with the knowledge to better implement your future ambitions.

The programme offers 12 hours of fully-funded contact time with our design-led innovation experts. It comprises three core workshops with mentoring sessions in between, all aimed to broaden thinking, increase confidence and empower you to move your business plans forward. The programme includes homework, guided to help you build the insights needed to enhance the viability of your idea.

Get On And Innovate is an opportunity for your business to take advantage of industry-proven expertise, building strong insights that help you de-risk your idea, communicate its full worth, and grasp the nature and scale of change involved.

Session 1

We will co-investigate your idea to understand as many contextual factors as we can, and identify which are the most important.

Session 2

We will co-analyse these factors and explore the impact and influences of each between your business and its context.

Session 3

We will co-develop bespoke decision tools and a framework closely tailored to your business and your idea.


The programme is piloting from June 2021 and will roll-out for full delivery from September 2021.
To apply for the programme, find out more, or register for future sessions, please email our registration team at