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Data and Decisions Made Easy


Spring 2022


Online Via Zoom

The ‘Data and Decisions Made Easy’ programme is a practical and focused programme that will help you understand what type of data you have in your business and organisation and how using that efficiently and with practical guidance you can significantly improve decision-making and understanding.

Join us for 12 hours of fully-funded contact time over a period of 6 weeks, commencing early February. This workshop will be taking place online (recorded sessions will also be made available).

About this workshop

‘Data and Decisions Made Easy’ is part of the Creative Fuse North East project which supports businesses and organisations in the North East to develop their creativity and innovation potential.

The programme will enable participants to address the questions:

  • What does data mean to me and my organisation?
  • What data and analysis can help me learn from the past, and apply that learning to better consider or help predict outcomes for the future?
  • How will this lead to more assured decisions that will provide the outcome or return I need?

The programme will provide a practical insight into how you can capture and analyse existing and new data by using tools and platforms (e.g. Tableau) to extract insight, leading to more informed decisions. It will therefore provide hands-on and practice-based learning opportunities to understand and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and help you visualise your business or organisation’s historic performance with data analysis and visualisation tools. If you are keen to learn about the prospect of integrating or developing data-based analysis into your organisation, you will also benefit from leaning the principles of predictive analytics and forecasting methods – this doesn’t mean you have to learn complex mathematics and computer coding!

A specific element of ‘Data and Decisions Made Easy’ is a focus on the obligations  and compliance required arising from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – one of the sessions will be delivered in collaboration with a local GDPR specialist, helping you to understand and tailor your approach effectively and help to drive trust, loyalty and engagement.

Key areas covered in the programme also include:

  • understanding the data you have and how you use it;
  • the principles of Data Driven Decision Making;
  • best practice in data capture and data visualisation;
  • descriptive analytics and analysing past performance and ‘data storytelling’
  • customer, product and sales analysis;
  • predictive analytics and forecasting;
  • customer risk modelling, forecasting, customer churn analysis and tools to predict email marketing campaigns;

The final session of the programme will give our participants the opportunity to present back their ideas and responses from what they have learned, including responses to the action tasks set during the previous sessions. It will be an opportunity to reflect on how you might apply the learning and new knowledge, and what next steps you may consider.


Dates: exact dates TBC
Duration: 12 hours (across all sessions) – sessions will typically run for 2hrs each


Professor Jonathan Sapsed

Principal Investigator for Creative Fuse North East and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Mark Adamson

Project Director for Creative Fuse North East

Dr Ronnie Das

Lecturer in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

Who is it for?

Organisations (SMEs) that have  a range of data types and uses and who want to better understand what they have, and how it can be used more effectively, to drive better value and outcomes.

You may be a cultural organisation or arts venue with audience data, for example, needing to develop or embed approaches organisation-wide for a new data strategy that will support audience engagement, quality and performance.

Or, you could be a non-creative business that has operational or customer data that isn’t being used optimally, and you need to ensure that you can implement practical and scalable approaches to make you more efficient and productive.


To register for the ‘Data Toolbox’ programme, please register here.

If you have any questions or wish to register for similar sessions in the future, please email Mark Adamson, Project Director at in the first instance.

These workshops are part of a larger programme that supports North East businesses to grow and develop through the support of experts across the five North East universities.

You could be eligible to take part if you have a small to medium sized business, or are a registered as a sole trader, registered freelancer, Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company within the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area: Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Northumberland, and Sunderland.