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CAKE 44: How was it for you? Evaluating the success of cultural events


Thursday 25 November 2021
10am – 11:30am


Online, via zoom

About this event

The discipline of art audience evaluation is awash with data but light on insight. We all have different criteria for the success of what we do and how we want our organisations to evolve, but this is often at odds with those demanded by funders. We have to spend a lot of time and effort collecting data that seems to just disappear into a hole, never to be referred to again. Compared to other sectors, the methodologies used are unsophisticated, data collection quality is poor, and analysis light on actionable insights, especially amongst academics. And where are the true voices of audiences?

This CAKE will have speakers discussing approaches to evaluation in the arts and cultural sector from a range of perspectives exploring how evaluation is and could be used to create impact for artists, cultural organisations, audiences and society. Provocation breakout sessions will focus on the value, benefits and merits of evaluation for arts and culture.


Whatever your professional background, this event is designed to support potential by inspiring new conversations and allowing introductions to take place that will enable collaboration. The event will take place on Zoom, the video conferencing platform. You don’t need to have an account but we recommend that you sign up for a free account and use the desktop app.

About CAKE

CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) is Creative Fuse North East’s monthly networking event, bringing together businesses, freelancers, academics, charities and creative practitioners from across the Creative, Digital and IT sectors and wider economy. Each themed CAKE event has expert speakers delivering short presentations that explore opportunities and innovation challenges. The events generate debate, explorative discussion and stimulate new innovative ideas by looking at each event’s theme from a variety of different perspectives – in keeping with the event name, attendees enjoy a slice of delicious cake while they network.*

“Not only was the event interesting and enjoyable but, for my company, it was an opportunity to make new connections. It has created new opportunities for Living Archive Limited, at a time in the company’s development where such opportunities are crucial for survival… The CAKE event was a chance to step back for a moment and focus on the bigger picture, and this has been very valuable to me.”

Dr. Nick Williams Founder, Living Archive Limited