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Phase 1

May 2016 – March 2019

A snapshot of what was achieved in this timeframe:

Over 300 Businesses directly supported.

We worked with a broad cross-sector of businesses, with almost half of those supported working in the ‘Music, Performing and Visual Arts’ and ‘IT and Software’ sectors. We also supported many other creative

The projects support reached 40 different cities towns and villages across the region.

Creative Fuse is genuinely a project that aims to work across the whole North East of England – from the region’s urban centres though to its rich rural and coastal locations – bringing bring together.

Over 21,000 hours of direct business support was delivered.

All the businesses we worked with directly received a minimum of 12 hours of business support, with the average (mean) amount being 83 hours. Many of those we worked with benefitted from developing

£483,940 of direct cash was granted to small business in the region.

Of this, £142,800 was granted via our Creative Fuse placements/internships programme, whilst £341,140 was invested in businesses and projects through the successful Creative Fuse Innovation Pilots programme.

Over 2,000 attendees at Creative Fuse Networking events.

We hosted 26 CAKE (Collaboration And Knowledge Exchange) events throughout Phase 1 of the project which attracted a wide range of businesses, professionals and academics from across the region to discuss creativity and innovation from a very broad spectrum of practice and markets. We also had a fantastic 340 register to attend our 2 day conference.

Visit our archive site for phase 1 of Creative Fuse North East, here

Phase 2

February 2020 – December 2022