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Creative Fuse North East brings together expertise from the region’s five universities to support the vibrant, dynamic, and fast-growing Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) sector.

With AHRC and European Regional Development Funding, specialists from the universities will work with industry, cultural organisations, creative practitioners and freelancers, social enterprises, and the public sector, to identify how CDIT firms complement and add value to each other; sharing best practice and encouraging innovative ways of working.

This will help to ensure that the creative and digital economy becomes more resilient and grows faster, whilst helping to create more and better jobs for the region. The creative and digital economy is recognised as having a transformative impact on the region’s broader economy and employment base, catalysing and contributing to the value and importance of innovation.

‘Digital, ICT and creative industries together should be the horizontal platform for growth and competitiveness for the UK in the 21st Century’

Dr Mike Short Vice President, Research & Development, O2

In a report titled ‘Growing the UK’s Creative Industries’ from the Creative Industries Federation, public-private collaboration to stimulate and drive growth is stated unambiguously:

‘To a greater extent than in any other sector, commercial businesses, publicly funded organisations, and freelancers work hand in hand both across supply chains and internationally to produce the creative services and products that deliver this economic, social and cultural success. Without one part of the creative industries, others would fail.’

Creative Industries Federation

We aim to engage as many businesses and freelance professionals from the North East’s CDIT sector as possible. Whether you are one of our many talented creative or tech freelancers; work in a fast-paced digital SME; work at a major IT corporation; or are based anywhere in-between, we want to hear from you.

What is Creative Fuse?