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Project Overview

Creative Fuse North East is a multi-disciplinary, multi stakeholder action research project focused on the strength, diversity and nuanced nature of the North East’s creative, digital and IT sector (CDIT).

The project builds upon two previous AHRC funded research projects – Brighton Fuse and London Fusion and will further explore the social, economic and innovation value of the CDIT sector in the region.

European Regional Development Funds, with AHRC funding, are being used to support direct engagement with creatives freelancers and SMEs in the sector, providing a unique insight into the everyday challenges while at the same time identifying opportunities for cross sector collaboration and spillover into other industries.

Project background

The concept of Fusion or a ‘Fused Business’ was first developed through the work of a dedicated Creative, Digital & IT Task Force set-up by the Centre for Industry and Higher Education.


With AHRC and European Regional Development Funding, specialists from the universities will work with industry, cultural organisations, creative practitioners and freelancers, social enterprises, and the public sector, to identify how CDIT firms complement and add value to each other; sharing best practice and encouraging innovative ways of working.


Phase 1
May 2016 – March 2019

Phase 2
February 2020 – December 2022

The Case for Fusion

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Fusion’ as ‘The union or blending together of different things (whether material or immaterial) as if by melting, so as to form one whole’.

Research and Innovation

Fundamental to the overall aim of Creative Fuse North East is a strong research focus and application.

Collaboration And Knowledge Exchange

CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) events are an integral part of the Creative Fuse North East project and are seen as an important way of bringing a diverse range of North East skills, knowledge and expertise together on a regular basis, to network, share knowledge and form unique working relationships.

Creative Fuse: Supporting Innovation

The latest news, upcoming events and regular blog posts from our academic and industry experts.