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Mariann Hardey

Principal Investigator (Durham)

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Mariann Hardey is an Associate Professor at Durham University Business School and part of the Directorate for the Advanced Research Computing group at the University of Durham.

Mariann is the Durham PI for Creative Fuse North East and has been a leader in the project across Fuse 1.0 and 2.0.

Mariann’s research examines tech inequalities through digital identity, professional tech culture, ‘women in tech’ and business interventions in technology. Her work investigates how identity is being transformed by rapid advances in technologies as AI, social media, robotics, biomedicine and robotics change the social and human condition.

She advocates, strongly, for inclusivity in tech and to shift away from the label ‘women in tech’, to enable a step-change in culture, policy and careers. Mariann has written the book: The Culture of Women in Tech.

One current area of Mariann’s research focuses on digital identity through self-tracking and mHealth–particularly those involving automation, data-mining and AI–and the impact on behaviour and body change.

She also likes Apple Macs and owns a Mac Classic.