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Catherine Johns

Board Member, Creative Fuse North East

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Catherine is Executive Director for Dance City and was CEO of Kielder Observatory for 4 years, successfully guiding the organisation through the pandemic and through a business planning process, creating a happy, vibrant, high-profile and high-performing organisation poised for sustainable growth. Prior to that Catherine was Director of the North East Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications, building the fastest growing space cluster in the UK. Catherine was instrumental in turning the North East Technology Park from “two buildings in a field” to a £100M pioneering science park, was Vice-Chair of the United Kingdom Science Park Association, a Board Director of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), founded Women in IASP, and sat on the Women’s Advisory Board for the North East Chamber of Commerce. Catherine is a highly experienced trustee and director, currently director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering, for iGiant, a Washington DC-based innovation accelerator, an evaluator for Strength in Places, Innovate UK’s £300M innovation fund, and will be joining the Council of the British School at Rome in 2024. Catherine has long been associated with Dance City, from taking class to supporting several of the North East’s dance companies.