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Alistair Brown

Alistair is a part-time postdoctoral researcher at Durham University. He supports innovation projects and collaborates with SMEs in the County Durham area. Through the Durham branch of Creative Fuse, he is developing connections between arts and humanities and heritage, and between arts and crafts practitioners and businesses.

As editor of READ: Research English At Durham, the social media brand for the Department of English Studies at Durham University, he has experience in engaging different audiences with academic research, and has demonstrated how niche studies can have a wider cultural and creative impact. He is also an experienced web developer, having produced websites for museums, archives and academic projects.

Alistair’s research background is in literary studies, looking across fields such as contemporary fiction, science fiction, gender studies, and the structure of fictional narratives. This last aspect particularly informs his research into video games, where he has published work looking at the ways in which video games can be interpreted through literary theories and how literature can be understood as a kind of ‘game.’