Fuse Internships programmes are focused on helping eligible businesses access paid-for help and support to enable them to develop their innovation capacity and scope.

Support Summary

A funded internship/ placement programme with a recent graduate or a current Masters student working on a ‘task and finish’ project for up to 12 weeks.

Additional academic support is also included.


Typically ranging from 4- 12 weeks.


To December 2022

Being delivered by

Newcastle University
Northumbria University
Teesside University
University of Sunderland

Benefits to those supported

The aim of the internship is to help you develop your ‘innovation capacity’. This can be applied in a number of ways, including: · developing new products / services and helping you access new markets.

Supporting business owners/ managers with organisational or capacity development.

Accessing support that drives new marketing and communications or audience/customer engagement approaches.

What does it look like?

At its core, Creative Fuse North East is about bringing together Universities with creative and digital businesses in the region. But where University-business collaboration can really shine is through bringing our students into the mix. Northumbria University has experienced a whole range of different activities – organisations placements, workshops and run projects – in which both students and organisations get involved in co-learning and co-research through knowledge exchange which combined multi-disciplinary skills.