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Mark Adamson Joins Panel In Collaborative Virtual Conference With The University Of Pittsburgh

1 March 2022

Rescheduled dates will be announced soon. Colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic will continue to collaborate & work to expand our network of place-based universities.


Creative Fuse North East Project Director, Mark Adamson, is delighted to be joining the panel for the Sustainability – Place-based Sustainability Partnerships session during the collaborative virtual conference with The University Of Pittsburgh later this month. This session will take place on Thursday 24th March at 14:50 GMT.


This year’s conference

Between 24 and 25 March 2022 Newcastle University will host the second collaborative conference. Building on last year’s conference, this conference will explore and share best practices on how Universities advance place-based approaches through community and student engagement and importantly how we measure our impact and demonstrate accountability to our communities and stakeholders.

The conference will include a programme of concurrent sessions focussed on the themes of sustainability, health, culture and cities and places. Plenary sessions will draw upon the role universities play in their place, looking at a range of international contexts and approaches to impact and evaluation.

Sustainability – Place-based Sustainability Partnerships

Mark will be joining the panel for this session, alongside:

  • Stephen Elstub, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Newcastle University
  • Andrew S McElwaine, The Heinz Endowments’ vice president of Sustainability
  • David Lynch, Energy Innovation Partnership Manager, North East Local Enterprise Partnership
  • David Sanchez, Associate Director Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovatio
  • Rebecca Kiernan, Principal Resilience Planner with the City of Pittsburgh

The session will be chaired by Sara Walker, Professor in Energy & Director of The Centre for Energy, Newcastle University

About the session: Sustainability in its broadest sense is an area in which significant partnerships have developed between Higher Education Institutions and local organisations across the public, private and third sectors. In this panel debate, we talk to a number of colleagues involved in place-based sustainability partnerships, and discuss key questions around their experience. What has worked and what hasn’t in partnerships, what have partnerships achieved, and what might we do better or differently in partnerships with hindsight? The panel members will bring different perspectives of partnership working which will provide engaging insights for the audience.

Join the University of Pittsburgh and Newcastle University for a virtual conference on 24 – 25 March 2022