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Call for Creators and Makers!

9 March 2022

Are you an artist, creator, maker, performer, film maker, photographer or writer?

The deadline to sign up to this event is the 25th March.

Are you an artist, creator, maker, performer, film maker, photographer or writer?

We are looking to support artists, creators, makers, performers, film makers, photographers or writers through a commissioning process to work with cybersecurity organisations to offer work and performances for display in September 2022.

Creative practitioners will work with participants from cybersecurity companies on the conjunction of art, technical and creativity to explore perspectives, visions and understanding of cybersecurity. The aim of the intervention is to leave participating cybersecurity businesses with a new creative way to represent their business and values.

The intervention will span a 5-month period over summer 2022. We will begin with a workshop on 14th April 2022, starting the creative process and forming working teams to develop exciting ways to innovative, visualise, perform and represent cybersecurity. Through weekly meetings with the Creative Fuse team, concepts from the workshop will be collaboratively developed culminating in an exhibitions in September 2022 at #cyberfest2022 and at the Creative Fuse North East Conference.


The commissions offer a £1500 grant to the artist with expenses for materials not to exceed £500.


Further information for artists or creative practitioners

Please contact:

Gill Hagan-Green, Creative Fuse,
07734 489782


If you’re interested in this opportunity, please express your interest by signing up to our introductory event on the 14th April.