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CAKE in the Wild – Brief for Participants

16 August 2021

Your personal stories will be the heart of this CAKE event, as we seek to highlight the importance of keeping creative and connecting with nature in supporting wellbeing.

We are asking for short video clips (of no more than one minute), photographs or audio files that highlight your own creative experiences in the wild, how nature is connected to your work, or how you have maintained your own wellbeing over the past year through your creative practice or connection with nature.

Things you can submit:

  • an example of how your creative practice or creative work relates to nature or the wild
  • audioclips, photography or video sharing your nature-based creative expressions
  • a short talk about how nature supports you in your creative work or wellbeing practice

The technical specifics (for producing content over 10mb):
Simply record audio or video content of up to 60 seconds addressing the brief. We are not expecting Hollywood professional movies! Go outside and record yourself speaking into your smartphone, showcase some of your work, tell us how you have been embracing creativity, nature or wellbeing, but ultimately keep it simple and be creative!

If your recording is less than 10mb in size, simply send it as an email attachment to

If your recording is more than 10mb in size, go to
After agreeing to the terms and conditions, upload your file then complete required information:

  • Email to:
  • Your email
  • Title
  • A short message to explain your submission (make sure to include your name within the message) (up to 100 words)

Then hit transfer and your video will send!

Permissions and usage:
Please note that by submitting, you will retain Copyright of your content; however you agree that the Creative Fuse NE project team may edit the file as necessary (for length or clarity) and that we can include it as part the September 23, 2021, CAKE event which will be recorded and that it may be used in other promotional activities for the Creative Fuse NE project in the future. Note: Full credit to you will be given for all your content that is used.