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‘The NUBS’ Of It


Join ‘The NUBS Of It’ host, Ashleigh King, as she speaks with Dr Ewan Mackenzie and Professor Jonathan Sapsed about the value of innovation and creativity in the North East of England and beyond.


Dr. Ewan Mackenzie is a lecturer and researcher in the field of work and employment at Newcastle University Business School. You’ll hear about his background and recent research focused on the creative industries and the value they bring to society.

Professor Jonathan Sapsed is professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Newcastle University Business School and the principal investigator of Creative Fuse North East, a collaborative project between the five North East universities. He discusses how this project looks at combining technological and creative skillsets to produce more innovations and better economic growth.

You’ll discover:

  • how work and employment has changed over the years in the creative industries
  • the importance of fusion between different industries
  • new, immersive technologies in the North East to reach new audiences
  • how businesses can access areas of knowledge and acquire solutions
  • tips on how to meaningfully build your own network

Show notes:

This podcast has been made possible with production by TL Multimedia and photography by Blindsee Photo.