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Why the economy needs the arts and humanities – with Dr Ladan Cockshut


Dr Ladan Cockshut was recently interviewed for a podcast series by Bryony Armstrong, a doctoral researcher at Durham in our English Studies department, who is exploring the ‘value of the Arts and Humanities’ in her series.

Ladan’s podcast focuses on the value of the arts and humanities to our economy, and features the North East of England in particular whilst also considering the following areas and topics:

  • What the Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) sector is and how much it’s growing
  • The huge array of industries that need creative skills
  • How Arts and Humanities academics interact with practitioners in the CDIT sector
  • How creativity can lead to income
  • Creating changes and measurable economic growth with creativity
  • Why it’s short sighted to say that an Arts and Humanities education doesn’t support labour market needs

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