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Trina Dalziel, Illustrator

Trina joined our Action Learning Group with the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise.

Trina moved to Northumberland five years ago. Although aware that there was funding and business support available to artists in the region, Trina didn’t know what was available or how to access.

Trina works from home, and due to the isolating nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, she was keen to connect (even via a screen!) with other creatives in the North East and discover how other small companies/freelancers work and live, and manage the positive and negative sides of being a rural based company.

The CFNE solution provided

Through the CFNE Action Learning Group ‘Rural CreateNet’, Trina started to make sense of the different organisations and funding bodies in the region. The format helped Trina make lasting connections with other attendees and she was able to look forward to a morning a week being connected with other people. Trina enjoyed hearing the individual stories behind their businesses and also learning from organisations like Creative UK.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

As a result of ‘Rural CreateNet’, Trina has gone on to apply for other CreativeFuse related opportunities. Furthermore, from the connections that Trina has made, she has developed opportunities to exhibit her work and run group workshops.

Through several people that Trina has met (including the Rural CreateNet hosts, speakers and participants) Trina now has a network she can reach out to for thoughts and input, combatting the biggest challenge she finds of working for herself – having experienced people to run ideas by, and reciprocate too.

“Hearing other people’s stories and being part of this group has been really lovely! It’s been autumn/winter so I haven’t been out much, and I work from home so just having two hours a week where you are seeing other faces and having conversations, that in itself is really lovely. I’m beginning to understand what the opportunities are and who puts money into the area and it’s really interesting and really helpful.”

Trina Dalziel, Illustrator

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