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Take Part North East

Jennifer Ironside joined our Crafting Connections cohort.

Jennifer Ironside is Director & creative teacher at Take Part North East – a CIC that uses art & craft to improve community well-being.

Jennifer joined Crafting Connections as she was looking for new ideas and to develop her confidence in trailing new ideas to trade with. Jennifer also joined the workshops to make creative connections from the region rather than nationally.

The CFNE solution provided

Crafting Connections provided Jennifer with a solution to her business challenges by introducing her to a network of people and creative businesses. This enabled Jennifer to connect with the group, bounce ideas off them and investigate ideas and challenges together. Crafting Connections also introduced Jennifer to new spaces that could become potential workshop spaces in the future.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

As a result of Crafting Connections, Jennifer has expanded her network of business owners and has found new tools to use for planning. The workshops have had Jennifer thinking about different avenues of revenue as she had the opportunity to think outside the box in a safe environment.

‘I’ve really enjoyed getting creative again and finding out what areas of the business I would like to focus on more.’

Jennifer Ironside, Director & Creative Teacher, Take Part North East