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Noriko took part in 'Make In Durham' during summer 2021.

Noriko was looking for help identifying venues (online/offline) for her workshops and best practice surrounding promotion of her workshops. Noriko also felt disconnected from the art community and wanted to broaden her network.

The CFNE solution provided

Make In Durham provided Noriko with the opportunity to take part in brainstorming sessions, run her workshops and get useful feedback from participants. Noriko also broadened her knowledge surrounding social media campaigns and took part in the campaign ran by Creative Fuse. Make In Durham also provided Noriko with the opportunity to meet other artists.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

Noriko now has a better understanding surrounding opportunities and markets for workshops and how to do social media campaigns. As a result of experiencing the Make In Durham programme, Noriko gained confidence for facilitating workshops and decided to start running her online workshops fortnightly! Noriko is now also considering collaborating with other artists in the future.

“I’m proud of the confidence I have gained through taking part in this programme- I have decided to start running my online workshops fortnightly! It’s been fantastic to meet other artists and I’m looking forward to collaborating with them in future.”

Noriko Matsubara Artist, Children's book author & Illustrator

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