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Hexhamtv joined our Action Learning Group with the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise.

Peter, Hexhamtv, was looking to increase his network through connecting with other rural creatives and to seek opportunities for collaboration on future projects.

The CFNE solution provided

Rural CreateNet introduced Peter to people who he wouldn’t have met had he not taken part, expanding his network. It also highlighted regional initiatives that Peter had previously been unaware of.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

As a result of being part of Rural CreateNet, Peter has established a collaboration with other participants in the group and will be working with them on new projects going forward. With his new knowledge of regional contacts, Peter has alerted regional agencies of the presence of Hexhamtv and is now on their radar should opportunities arise for funding or working on new ideas.

“I’ve found it really, really good. It’s really interesting to meet people who I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t been part of this project. I think there’s some projects that I’m going to be networking with in the future with some of the people involved. I’d like to see this group link up with the next cohort if possible. Having the outside presenters has been really good because I wasn’t aware of the wider opportunities out there.”

Peter Woods, Hexhamtv

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