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Flamingo Heights

Ashleigh, Flamingo Heights, joined our Spring 2022 Captured for Creatives Cohort.

Ashleigh King, Creative Director, Flamingo Heights, is a creative entrepreneur and podcaster with a passion for helping people to share their stories with the world. She has a podcast called #NurtureYourZest and has recently started training people in starting their own podcast and improving their confidence as a podcast guest. Ashleigh also works with businesses as a producer, creating podcast content in a series of 6-12 episodes at a time.

One of Ashleigh’s greatest challenges has been finding the time to work on her business, as she has client work to deliver and prioritise. She joined Captured for Creatives to find a peer network that she could connect with and feel inspired by.

The CFNE solution provided

Captured for Creatives ensured Ashleigh had dedicated time in her diary, to not only network, and to share business challenges and opportunities, but also provided the space to discuss things with colleagues doing similar work to her.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

Ashleigh believes that by working with people, who have a difference in abilities, backgrounds, and skillsets, we can collectively use our skills to create work that is much better quality, and with more depth, than if we did this on our own.

Ashleigh’s business had originally been focussed on planning and organising events, although she found that more clients were asking for digital marketing support, prompting her move into content creation.

This shift is not something she had ever anticipated, although it is through sharing ideas and seeing what opportunities are out there, she has been able to adapt, finding a gap in the market for a creative space with a focus on podcasting.

‘I am delighted that a new pilot of the Captured programme has been run specifically for creatives and creative businesses. Given the recent pandemic, small creative businesses have found it difficult to keep going. A sense of community is vital.’

Ashleigh King, Creative Director, Flamingo Heights

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