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Creatively Conscious

Claire, Creatively Conscious, joined our 2022 Action Learning Group with the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise.

Claire Venus is a Creative Engagement Producer and Mentor, working with creatives, creative businesses and artists to offer tools and techniques to help them realise their creative dreams. Claire is also founder of Creatively Conscious – a platform she started to bring more creativity into her life and build a range of programmes and products to super charge wellbeing.

Claire wanted to join this network to meet new creative freelancers and organisations and re-connect after maternity leave. There were also a few areas that Claire used Rural CreateNet to explore such as opportunities to diversify income for her business and creative collaborations and providing connections and inspiration to freelance artists and creatives living and working in Northumberland.

The CFNE solution provided

Rural CreateNet provided the opportunity for the cohort to be introduced to funders. Claire was introduced to NBSL and moving forward she’s hoping to work with them to help unlock funding for creatives.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

Only halfway through the programme, Claire had developed relationships with other members of the group, leading to two guest blogs going live from participants for Culture Northumberland (a resource for freelance artists and creatives living and/or working in the cultural sector). For Creatively Conscious, Claire has used the programme to broaden her network – watch this space and see what blooms!

“It was brilliant to be introduced to NBSL and I’m hoping to work with them to help unlock funding for creatives. “

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