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Helga took part in 'Make In Durham' during summer 2021.

When the lockdowns began, half a year after Helga opened business, Helga had only been facilitating workshops in the Colourbuzz studio. Like many others, Helga needed to learn new skills to deliver online sessions, writing detailed instructions and making kits.

The CFNE solution provided

There were four main areas Helga wanted to look at with ‘Make in Durham’
1. Try out a workshop with a different audience
2. Try out a ‘mobile’ workshop by using a different venue
3. Network with potential clients
4. Engage with other practitioners

The outcome of CFNE intervention

As a result of Make in Durham, Helga now makes sure that a number of Colourbuzz workshops can be held in a wide variety of locations, increasing her audience.
Helga also expanded her network, as she got to work with people who she wouldn’t normally work with, and made links that led to more ‘mobile’ workshops in a university context, leading to more sales.

“I enjoyed taking part in ‘Make In Durham.’ By the end of the programme I had expanded my creative network and had been given the opportunity to try out my workshop with a new and different audience. All in all, it was a great experience that only has had positive effects. Thanks for that!”

Helga Put, Colourbuzz

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