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AirCards create WebAR/VR experiences for the world's biggest brands.

The Challenge – Deciding which area of technology to develop in order to drive expansion and business growth

The organisation had 5 technology “stacks” (frameworks and tools for web/app development) which were currently being explored and were at differing stages of early development. The core challenge was analysing Aircards current positioning, resources, capabilities and the market readiness thereby enabling a decision as to which ‘tech stacks’ were most promising and viable to develop and ultimately allow the business to shift gears towards rapid expansion.

The CFNE solution provided

Through discussion and probing, the enterprise and the Creative Fuse team collaboratively created criteria to allow evaluation of best direction. This emerged via exploration of each ‘technology stack’ through 4 lenses.

1) Market space assessment,
2) Current ability/feasibility to create the technology,
3) Opportunities for application of both the technology & resulting data collection,
4) Barriers and enablers of the concept development.

Using these criteria, it became clear that two ‘stacks’ could be combined to create something really promising. Together, these were developed and explored – looking at objectives, resources and next steps, giving the organisation a clear roadmap for development.

The outcome of CFNE intervention

Provided time and expertise in creative thinking to step back, take a holistic view of their business, questions assumptions and working practices and develop tools for design- thinking. The programme:

  • Pushed their thinking & challenged them to explore areas previously undiscovered.
  • Created time to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Enabled exploration of non-commercial aspects of the business
  • Reinforced confidence in the vision of the business
  • Informative outlining of a grant bid
  • Clarified the need for partnerships and explored how these might work
  • Aspiring to take half a day each fortnight to adopt the methodology of the GRTI programme and creatively explore within the business team

Gordon felt particularly energised at the opportunity to be “indulgent” and spend time exploring ideas and working on, rather than in, the business. Being challenged by the facilitators to question assumptions and be reflective about his own thinking was a beneficial and productive experience for him.

They now wish to embed the methodology experienced as part of the Get Ready To Innovate programme within AirCards working practices.

“Working with other great people, other clever people who can challenge and push you to take a form of parallax. Sometimes to challenge you head on, never mind at an angle to say ‘well no that doesn’t add up’ that’s been good, you talk about impact on the business, that sense of holding the mirror up and taking some real signposting lessons, for us has been great.”

Gordon Dodd, AirCards

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