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The Case for Fusion

Phase one of the project is about gaining a detailed and comprehensive insight into the North East’s CDIT sector, understanding what the sector looks like, what kind of businesses it includes and fundamentally measuring the scale and breadth of the community.

This baseline data will then be used to enable the project team in all 5 Universities to reach out and begin detailed conversations with key industry stakeholders who represent many of the creative, digital or IT communities.

The largest and most detailed undertaken working through strategic partners, sector stakeholders and by using a range of tools and techniques to engage freelancers, employees and managers.

The data from this survey will be compiled and analysed by a team of specialists from Newcastle & Durham Universities and the findings used to inform and shape a series of specialist Innovation Pilots scheduled to be delivered in Phase 2 in 2017.

The analysis of the research data will also be published online, to provide a robust and detailed profile of the CDIT sector in the North East and help to raise the profile of the unique skills and talent and expertise that resides in the region.