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See Innovation in Action: Video

We’re incredibly excited to share a first glimpse at some of the early outcomes from the Creative Fuse project.

We’ve been working with video production company, Superkrush, to produce a series of short films that capture the range of activity we’re involved in at Creative Fuse.

Are you sitting comfortably? Turn your sound on, hit play, and let us begin…

What is Creative Fuse?


Innovation Pilots

The Creative Fuse Innovation Pilot teams have pushed boundaries and explored possibility within creative organisations. Creative Fuse funded 31 organisations to team up with academics and work on exciting, early stage innovation concepts. They delivered – and then some!

From sculptures that could double as a thermal battery, to wearable devices that match a runner to the ideal style of trainers. From developing digital tools for theatrical participation to showcasing textile designs through an Augmented Reality app – the Creative Fuse Innovation Pilot projects are a testament to what can be achieved through connecting creativity.


What Does Innovation Actually Mean?

We use this word a lot at Creative Fuse – but it’s a nebulous term that can mean many things, any thing, and occasionally nothing at all. We asked some of the amazing people we’ve been working with what innovation means to them.

This was our favourite thing to film – we spoke to over 30 people (not all featured here!) and no two answers were the same.


Supporting Innovation: Working with Creative Fuse

Creative Fuse North East have developed a wide programme of innovation support for creative businesses, including student placement schemes and a range of workshops, hack days and more. This programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Connecting Creativity: The Power of CAKE

Our CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) Events aim to bring people together from across the creative industries and universities, get people talking, and kickstart new connections and unlikely collaborations. The Victoria Sponge isn’t bad either.

For more videos, including Northumbria’s Get Ready to Innovate series, check out the Creative Fuse Vimeo Channel.