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Phase 1 of the project begins in November 2016 and runs into early February 2017 – focussed on quantitive and qualitative research of the sector. The analysis of this research data will be shared with partners and project stakeholders in early 2017, to help identify common challenges and opportunities.

Phase 2 of the project begins in the Spring of 2017 with all five Universities collaborating with the CD&IT business community, a range of sector support organisations and National organisations supporting the sector. This collaboration will develop a range of innovation pilots, action research projects and CPD activities for the businesses, leveraging the key assets, strengths and knowledge of the Universities to stimulate new collaborations across the sector and the region’s industries.

Finally in early 2018 Phase 3 the project will analyse outputs of the broad range of projects delivered in Phase 2, identifying best practice, measuring the net benefit to the individual businesses and the impact on the North East sector.

More detailed information on the Phases of the project and specific Work Packages will be published in the coming days.