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Brighton Fuse

The Brighton Fuse initiative was a two year project which investigated the developing cluster of CDIT businesses in the city. It explored how a combination of skills within businesses affected their growth, profitability and sustainability. The project was funded through the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The findings showed that businesses which combined creative and design skills with technology-related disciplines enjoyed business performance three times greater than those that specialise in one area.


These businesses saw this combination of skills as a key differentiator in their success. The research supported this, demonstrating that the “Superfusion” of skills was responsible for driving growth and long term sustainability.

Research into the freelance CDIT sector in Brighton identified similar results. The combination of creative and technology skills (a superfused skill-set) had a direct impact on commercial return for professional freelancers.

The findings and implications of the Brighton Fuse research are further explained in the video above, and in the Final Report from the project.

Creative Fuse North East will build on the successes of Brighton Fuse, mapping the unique CDIT sector across our region and working with SMEs and Freelancers to develop new pathways to innovation and growth.

You can find out more about Brighton Fuse via the National Centre for Universities and Business website.