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Research and Innovation

Our research aim is to understand the nature of the Creative, Digital and IT sector in the North East of England. To explore this, we have been using both quantitative and qualitative modes of enquiry.

Quantitative Methods

In the early phases of the research, we scrutinised business databases to get a sense of the scale and diversity of the sector. From our enquiries, we were able to confirm, for example, that the North East CDIT sector is dominated by micro-businesses – firms that have ten employees or less.

We then ran a detailed survey, inviting businesses and freelancers to respond. The survey results are providing a more nuanced understanding of markets, business models, networks, skills, key opportunities and barriers to growth in the region.

Qualitative Methods

To complement the survey, we interviewed a range of people across the sector. These qualitative interviews will provide further insight into CDIT challenges and opportunities, and the salience of these within the business community.

We also have a dedicated Creative Fuse ethnography team. The ethnographers will use a range of qualitative methods, including interviews and observations, throughout the project. Through this, they hope to better understand processes of interdisciplinarity within the project.

From Theory to Practice: Innovation Pilots

In phase two of Creative Fuse North East, universities, freelancers and organisations will work together in a series of innovation activities.

These Innovation Pilots will explore new models of collaborative innovation. Together, they will offer a mix of approaches and partners, sub-sectors and locations. They will respond to sector demand and challenges.

You can find out more about these Innovation Pilots here