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The Management, Support and Administration team work with the project on a strategic level and on a day-to-day basis. They are an excellent point of contact for all Creative Fuse North East enquiries.

Elena Gorman

Project Development Manager (Northumbria Strand)

Elena manages the development and delivery of Northumbria University’s Creative Fuse activity. She is the first point of contact for Northumbria’s

Tamara Gilbert

Project Administrator, Creative Fuse North East

Tamara provides project management support in the coordination, administration and financial management of Creative Fuse, liaising with all the partner universities, S...

Mark Adamson

Institutional Lead, University of Sunderland

Mark coordinates the delivery of the University of Sunderland’s Creative Fuse activity. This includes innovation pilots involving Sunderland-based researchers, p...

Declan Baharini

Cultural Sector Engagement Broker

Declan has been appointed to work with all five university partners.  Her role is to engage the North East’s wider cultural sector in Creative Fuse, covering b...

Faye Harland

Events Coordinator

Faye manages Creative Fuse North East’s events programme, including our monthly CAKE (Collaboration And Knowledge Exchange) events.

She is committed to findin...

Frances Hardcastle

Network and Communications Coordinator

Frances is responsible for external and internal communications for the project. She manages the website, newsletter, external mailings and social media accounts.


Sophie Anderson

Project Administrative Assistant (Sunderland Team)

Sophie provides behind the scenes administrative support for Sunderland University in the delivery of the ERDF elements of Creative Fuse.

This includes liaising...

Mariann Hardey

Principal Investigator (Durham)

Mariann leads the Creative Fuse research team at Durham University. Her research focuses on e-heath, wearable technology and social apps for personal health monitoring...

Hilary Noone

Research Administrator (AHRC)

Hilary works behind the scenes of Creative Fuse to ensure systems for cross-university collaboration continue to operate smoothly across the five universities. She wor...

Ross Wilson

Research Support Officer (AHRC)

Ross works on the AHRC-funded aspects of Creative Fuse, particularly on financial monitoring and reporting. He works closely with the project team, especially the

Mark Bailey

Institutional Lead, Northumbria

Meaningful innovation happens at the intersection of different disciplines where the knowledge, know-how and expertise of multiple actors comes together around a commo...

Eric Cross

Principal Investigator

Eric has a central role in Creative Fuse, providing strategic direction and leadership along with the core team. He sees bringing the project’s wide range of par...

Helen Ross

Project Manager, Creative Fuse North East

Helen project manages Creative Fuse North East, including operations and delivery, long-term strategy and legacy planning, and project compliance and reporting. She ha...

Jason Legget

Creative Fuse North East Project Director

Jason directs the delivery of the Creative Fuse North East programme, focusing specifically on external engagement, partnership working and innovation projects.