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CAKE Events

Each themed CAKE event has expert speakers delivering short presentations that explore opportunities and innovation challenges from their sector. The events generate debate, explorative discussion and stimulate new innovative ideas by looking at each event’s theme from a variety of different perspectives – in keeping with the event name, attendees enjoy a slice of delicious cake while they network.

CAKE 21: Games in the North

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In recent years, the computer games industry has been changing. Once solely the preserve of big name companies, the growth of smaller, independent studios has been changing the shape of the market, and the North East has been at the forefront of this revolution.

At this CAKE event,

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CAKE 20: Maker CAKE

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Creative Fuse North East’s 20th CAKE event will celebrate the North East’s maker communities, exploring the intersections between craft and innovation.

We will showcase the work of artists and crafters from across the region, as well as considering maker spaces and maker movements in the North East and beyond.

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CAKE 18: Innovative Women

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Our 18th CAKE event will take place on International Women’s Day, celebrating the innovative work of women in the North East.

Our speakers will examine themes of participation, inclusion and intersectionality from a variety of different perspectives. We will look at the work of the Young Women’s Film Academy,

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CAKE 17: The Science of Performance

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This February, we will be hosting a special CAKE event, in collaboration with Dance City, Southpaw Dance Company and the Institute of Physics as part of their workshop series ‘The Physics of Dance’.

CAKE 17: The Science of Performance will take a behind-the-scenes look at dance and performance,

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CAKE 16: Music and Sound

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Creative Fuse North East’s 16th CAKE event will celebrate the creativity of musicians, sound artists and studios across the North East.

Our speakers will show how traditional music practice is reaching new frontiers through electronic music, live coding and approaches to performance. The event will provide an insight into the innovative research in musicology,

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CAKE 15: Digital Archives

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Our January CAKE event will explore the relationship between digital and print editions, considering different ways of understanding and experiencing text.

Our speakers will draw on the work being done by Animating Text at Newcastle University (ATNU), a project that explores the story of text, using digital editing techniques to fuse humanities and social sciences research and computer science.

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CAKE 14: Christmas CAKE

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Creative Fuse North East’s 14th CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) event will take a look forward to 2018, as we ask ‘what are your New Year’s Resolutions?’

We will be welcoming businesses, freelancers, artists and academics from across the Creative, Digital and IT sectors to join us for a drink and a chance to share the exciting new projects they’ll be working on in the new year,

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CAKE 13: Future Fashion

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Our November CAKE event will examine the ways in which fashion is adapting to the digital age, and ethical and environmentally conscious approaches to design.

We will discuss the connection between wearable tech and health and wellbeing, exploring how wearables can enhance their wearer’s quality of life. We will also consider the region’s fashion heritage and the ways in which this is being preserved and shared with wider audiences.

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CAKE 12 – CAKE: The Final Frontier

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Our October CAKE event will examine creative and digital approaches to space, showcasing the work of scientists, technicians and academics in the region.

We will discuss the ethical and environmental underpinnings of space governance and showcase the groundbreaking work taking place at NETPark Durham’s Satellites applications centre, as well as looking at the Kielder Observatory’s work around engaging the public with the cosmos.

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