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CAKE Events

Each themed CAKE event has expert speakers delivering short presentations that explore opportunities and innovation challenges from their sector. The events generate debate, explorative discussion and stimulate new innovative ideas by looking at each event’s theme from a variety of different perspectives – in keeping with the event name, attendees enjoy a slice of delicious cake while they network.

CAKE 29: Ageing Well

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The event will challenge what we think of when we hear the word “ageing”, with a focus on positive ageing, lifelong ageing and ageing well. We will have speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds who explore how ageing intersects with innovation and creativity. They will explain how this has resulted in new and unexpected collaborations,

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CAKE 27 – Christmas CAKE

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Creative Fuse North East is getting in the Christmas spirit – and we would like to celebrate with you! Our 27th CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) event will celebrate all that has been “Fused” over the last 12 months and take a look ahead on 2019, as we ask ‘what are next steps?’

We will be welcoming businesses,

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CAKE 26: Innovation in Content & Media

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At our 26th CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) we will explore themes of innovation and creativity in the content and media sector. This will be a chance for our speakers to tell us about their work and practice in screen-based media, identifying practical tips and sharing their experience of developing and producing compelling content.

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CAKE 24: Digital Landscapes

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At our 24th CAKE event, we will explore the use of digital tools to help audiences to engage with national parks and heritage sites in new ways.

Our speakers will discuss rural innovation and entrepreneurship, the role of theatre in community engagement, and the development of an app that fuses poetry with the digital to allow National Park visitors to experience ‘Poems in the Air’.

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CAKE 23: Art, Design & Innovation

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To celebrate the launch day of the Great Exhibition of the North, this CAKE will be a special event showcasing the best of the North East’s talent, with expert speakers representing the three themes of the Exhibition: Art, Design and Innovation.

We will explore the importance of UX design,

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CAKE 22: Creative Marketing

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Creative Fuse North East’s 22nd CAKE event will explore creative and innovative approaches to marketing, as part of Art Durham.

Our speakers will approach the theme from a variety of different perspectives, from expertise in marketing in the arts from Durham University Business School, to hands-on advice on how to make marketing more creative from specialist business writing company Concision.

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CAKE 21: Games in the North

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In recent years, the computer games industry has been changing. Once solely the preserve of big name companies, the growth of smaller, independent studios has been changing the shape of the market, and the North East has been at the forefront of this revolution.

At this CAKE event,

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