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In this section you will find regular blog posts written and published by members of the project team. The Creative Fuse North East team includes over 80 academic experts and industry specialists and they use blogging to share thinking, concepts and emerging innovation concepts being developed by the project.

CAKE Mix 16: Music & Sound

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In our 16th Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) Event, we dived into the science of music and mood; glimpsed the future of a Newcastle-based recording studio; treated early-modern artworks to a live-coding performance; and swallowed some sobering statistics about the under-representation of female composers, artists and songwriters in the North East.

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On Tour: Inside the Knight Lab

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The Knight Lab at Northwestern University in Chicago is an international beacon of creative fusion, where journalists, computer scientists and designers make ground-breaking storytelling tools.

Lee Hall and Dr John Price from the University ofSunderland visited in January to discover first hand how it works,

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CAKE Mix 15: Digital Archives

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How does the digital affect archive materials? Often when we consider digital archives, we equate this with the process of digitisation – creating a digital copy of an item that can be viewed on a screen and stored on a server. But what if there was more to the digital archive than digitisation?

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Innovation Pilots: What is Digital Democracy Anyway?

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Unfolding Theatre describe themselves as “big-hearted theatre which delights in bringing people together.” They use participatory methods to engage audiences in their productions, are are currently exploring how digital tools could make their creative process more democratic through collaborating with the region’s universities on an Innovation Pilot project –

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CAKE Mix: Christmas CAKE

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2017 has been a year of ups and downs for a lot of us, but as the year draws to a close it’s time to take a moment to reflect, to look back on our successes and to look ahead to what’s coming next. For anyone living in the North East,

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CAKE Mix: Future Fashion

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What springs to mind if you combine fashion and technology? How about Fashion and academia? or even fashion and the North East? CAKE 13: Future Fashion was Creative Fuse’s November Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange event. The presentations, demonstration and discussion that took place powerfully challenged any preconceptions of clunky smartwatches,

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CAKE Mix: CAKE – The Final Frontier

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Space is big, complex, and exciting, much like the North East CDIT sector. For our October Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange event, we decided to size up the Final Frontier and find out how the region’s researchers, businesses, artists and visitor attractions are exploring the potential of space. The presentations were out of this world.

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