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CAKE 9: Smart Data Innovation

How can companies gain value from data and the benefits that large data sets can bring? What role does data have to play in local governance and public services? And how can artists incorporate data sets into their creative practice?

Creative Fuse North East’s 9th CAKE (Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange) event presented the opportunity to discuss, consider and present issues around using Smart Data to innovate.

When: 8th June 2017, 10am – 12pm

Where: Culture Lab, Newcastle University


Richard Clay, Professor of Digital Humanities at Newcastle University – Welcome Address

Rob Wilson, Professor and Director of the Knowledge Innovation Technology Enterprise (KITE) Research Centre

Professor Rob Wilson is the Director of the KITE Research Centre at Newcastle University. His work is based in three overlapping contexts – the integration and information aspects of public services; the challenges of information and measurement in local governance (the NHS, VCS/Third sector and local authorities) and the role of information and information systems in education. Follow @kiteresearch on Twitter.

Ed Carter, Artist

Ed Carter devises and creates interdisciplinary work that is context-specific, with a focus on sound, architecture, and process. He takes patterns, associations, and chronology, and uses these to form the structures that underpin his practice.

He has produced ambitious, large scale work in collaboration with a wide range of partners including architects, scientists, boat builders, cartographers and programmers. He has received comissions and awards from diverse organisations.

A number of Ed’s works have referenced specific data sources, including historic lighthouse rhythms, amino acid chains associated with cancer treatment, cartography, email interactions, and tidal river activity. Discover more at Ed’s website.

Lindsay Duncanson, Noize Choir

Linday will be discussing the ways that data feeds into creative performance in her work with the Noize Choir. The Noize Choir is a performance ensemble of noise enthusiasts with a common desire to use the human voice free of the traditional restraints of choral settings, language or musical notation.

They have a shared fascination with science, culture and landscape; replicating and experimenting with the sounds of machines or the natural world in their work. You can listen to recordings via Soundcloud.

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