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CAKE 13: Future Fashion

Our November CAKE event will examine the ways in which fashion is adapting to the digital age, and ethical and environmentally conscious approaches to design.

We will discuss the connection between wearable tech and health and wellbeing, exploring how wearables can enhance their wearer’s quality of life. We will also consider the region’s fashion heritage and the ways in which this is being preserved and shared with wider audiences.

In a CAKE exclusive, the event will also feature an interactions gallery at which designers, makers and fashion students can showcase their work.

When: Thursday 9th November, 10.30-12.30

Where: Northern Design Centre, Gateshead

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Raymond Oliver, Professor in Interactive Materials, Northumbria University School of Design

Raymond Oliver is a chemical engineer with 20 years’ expertise through a variety of senior research and technology management posts in a global chemicals and materials company.

Raymond’s current research focuses on human-centred needs enhanced and enabled through Design:STEM integration activities. His expertise encompasses ‘active’ and interactive polymers, organic electronics and optoelectronics for applications in printable light. His research also investigates memory and social innovation through healthcare, wellness, personal safety, security, assisted living and the development of smarter built environments.

Jen Barrett, Founder & Managing Director, This Is Creative Enterprise

Jen founded her Community Interest Company This is Creative Enterprise (TICE) in 2008, in response to the growing and rapidly expanding creative sector. TICE works with businesses, schools, colleges, and universities across the North East and with young people aged between 4 and 24, providing real-time, hands-on access and insight for young people into careers and opportunities across the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

Jen’s background is in the fashion industry and she is Fashion and Creative Enterprise Mentor for TICE, and she recently piloted TICE’s ‘Stiched to Science’ project, funded by the British Ecology Society. The aim of this project was to bring fashion and science together to demonstrate the creativity and collaborative spirit that could be the hallmark of scientific public outreach and awareness of ethical fashion. This cross-curricular project only not stimulates a discussion about ecology through the environment and society, but also showcases career paths and avenues of research young people may never have been exposed to, or considered can work together.

Sally Smallwood, Chief Wreckre8tor, Wreckreation

Sally Smallwood is chief designer, clothing fabricator and pattern producer at Wreckreation, a custom fashion studio based in the North of England. Wreckreation’s mission: to create quality garments with high standards which reflect the brand ethos of being the best you can be, to create long-lasting, hard-wearing items, to produce limited amounts of each product is to respect the individual, and to question everything and to stand up for what we believe in.

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